Serengeti National Park

Sharing the Wildebeest Migration wonder with the Maasai National Park, Serengeti National Park is a Tanzania-based game reserve that is synonymous with the classic scenery of Africa, as well as wildlife. It is the oldest park in the country and a perfect destination for top-notch wildlife viewing.


If you’re looking for the best wildlife viewing, then Serengeti National park is a sure bet. The park boasts countless safari animals, of course in large numbers. You can easily see four of the Big Five, save for the black rhino, which is rare, but not so rare as not to be seen. The lions, leopards, cheetahs, and lionesses are a common phenomenon at the park. Other predators, such as a bat-eared fox, jackal, and hyena can also be spotted with ease.

Weather and Climate

Rarely taxing are the conditions in the Tanzania’s most popular game reserve during the dry season, which usually occurs from June to October. The temperatures are usually nicely warm, in the day time. At night, the heat may rise a few degrees when the mercury takes a deep dive. The good thing is that no climate condition here is too bad for any tourist. Of course, the amazing wildlife in the park eclipses everything else with a negative connotation.

The Scenery

Set your foot in the Serengeti National Park and you will almost immediately realise that it’s famous scenery is definitely not overstated. The northern part of the park is rich in attractive hills and rocks, while the southeastern part is famed for its grassland plains. Find rivers, forests, and valleys to the park’s west. The landscape is immense and stunning.