Why Tourists Prefer Nicotine Pouches Over Traditional Cigarettes

Touring the world is a dream for many people, including smokers. It offers the opportunity to explore diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and iconic landmarks across continents. When smokers embark on a tour, whether it’s a guided tour, a solo adventure, or travelling with friends or family, there are reasons why they might prefer nicotine pouches over traditional cigarettes. Here’s why.

Variety of Flavours

Pouches come in a wide range of flavours, offering tourists variety and the opportunity to experiment with different tastes – from fruity and minty to citrus and everything in between. Tourists can find nicotine pouches at Nicotinos, an online store specialising in nicotine products. Nicotinos sells pouches from some of the most popular brands, including Zyn, Velo, and Siberia.


Nicotine pouches offer a convenient way to consume nicotine. Unlike traditional cigarettes that require lighting up and perhaps adhering to smoking bans or restrictions in certain areas, nicotine pouches can be used virtually anywhere without the need for smoking paraphernalia. This convenience makes them ideal for tourists who are on the go or exploring areas where smoking is prohibited.

Odourless and Discreet

Unlike cigarettes, which emit strong odours that can linger on clothes and in the environment, nicotine pouches are odourless and flavoured. This makes them more socially acceptable and appealing to tourists who wish to avoid the smell of tobacco smoke, especially when travelling with non-smokers or when in confined spaces such as hotel rooms or public vehicles.

Pouches are Trendy

Nicotine pouches are often marketed as modern and stylish products, appealing to younger demographics and tourists who value trendy consumer goods. Marketing efforts highlighting the sleek packaging, innovative technology, and contemporary image of nicotine pouches may influence tourists’ preferences and contribute to their popularity over traditional cigarettes.