Wallpapers Inspired by Famous Destinations

As a tourist who loves to explore, no doubt you are always focused on planning your next adventure. Europe has enough famous attractions and landmarks to sustain a lifetime of journeys. If there are particular places you enjoyed, or perhaps you are looking for inspiration for another trip, then you could transform your living space with travel-themed wallpaper for the ultimate escape!

Amalfi Coast Elegance

Italy is a popular tourist destination not just because of the magnificence of the history, art, and architecture of its cities but also because of the beauty of its coastline. A quick search on the Wallpassion website reveals some gorgeous photo wallpaper featuring Ravello, Positano, and Sorrento. Imagine starting your day admiring the inspirational backdrop of a beautiful Italian coastal town. The stunning blue waters will surely spark a longing for another trip!

Stockholm’s Urban Charm

You can capture the understated elegance of Stockholm with wallpaper that reflects its vibrant cultural scene and modern architecture. It’s an incredibly popular theme at Wallpassion, with over 100 designs to choose from. The colourful buildings would certainly stand out on a focal wall and brighten up the dullest of days! A home office would benefit from an image of the iconic Riksdag parliament building.

Parisian Vintage Romance

Who could forget the romantic capital of France, with its quaint café-lined streets and historic landmarks? Wallpaper with the Parisian skyline featuring the Eiffel Tower would look splendid in any room, adding grace and style and sure to be a talking point with your visitors. Perhaps the lovely avenues of Montmartre or couples taking a stroll along the Seine would be more to your taste, and you are sure to find a wallpaper that matches.

Bring tourism into your home with inspirational designs to fuel your daydreams!