Improved Infrastructure

When tourists visit a place, they cause additional development of tourist attraction sites like gardens, game reserves, and museums. These sites are undoubtedly the main reason why tourists come. The places tend to constantly improve because they want to attract more tourists, who bring in more business. But how do locals benefit?

Well, there are additional facilities that go hand in hand with tourist attractions. They include healthcare facilities, accommodation facilities, waste management facilities, recreational facilities, transportation facilities, water management facilities and so on. Besides the attractions, tourists need these facilities, which make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. This means that tourists have a significant impact on the development of the infrastructure of a place.

Now, it becomes the responsibility of the local government and businesses to create and improve those additional facilities. The good thing is that the tourists use them but they can’t go away with them. As such, the citizens of the host country remain to use those facilities.

Additionally, the revenue generated from tourism benefits the government through taxation-tourist businesses are taxed. This allows the government to launch and complete more public projects, meaning that roads, public spaces, parks, and other forms of infrastructure are developed. When there is enough revenue to build schools, airports, and hospitals, what other infrastructure could one demand?

As you can see, tourism and infrastructure are inseparable. In fact, they are like two sides of the same coin. While there are people who believe that infrastructure contributes to tourism, tourism is just as important to infrastructure development. We’re not saying that infrastructure cannot exist without tourism. Rather, the point here is that tourism makes infrastructure better.