Touring by Car, Motorhome or Van

A popular way of travelling to tourist destinations is using your own van or car to make the journeys. This gives you the freedom that you would not get with an organised tour or package holiday. You have complete freedom to choose your own destination, and you can even change your route or destination without the hassle of cancellations and lost deposits. You can choose to camp, use a caravan or mobile home or take a room at the various motels that cater for the travelling vacationers. However, before you set off, you will need to check whether your vehicle is fit for the purpose. This is where a company such as can be of assistance to you.

Why Consider Worksystem?

Worksystem can offer a wide selection of products to make your tour safer and more practical. They can provide items in the following categories designed to make your journey more comfortable. They are:

  • Roof equipment: Storage solutions such as racks, luggage holders and roof platforms.
  • Protective cladding and load securing: Designed to protect the interior of your van from scratches and bumps.
  • Driver environment: Turn your car, van or mobile home into a portable office designed to enable you to deal with urgent business matters while on holiday.
  • Styling: Protective bumpers and wind deflectors to ensure your safety in the event of an accident.
  • Safety, alarms and heating solutions: These include fire extinguishers, security locks, first aid kits and anti-theft protection devices.

Should you want to fit storage units in your transport, Worksystem offers a modular shelving system that can be adapted to any van to increase storage facilities. Perfect if you intend to take a lot of gear on your touring holiday, and you need to be able to find it in a hurry. Since the system is modular, you can add new items such as drawers at a later stage or additional shelves.


There is no doubt that a touring holiday can give you the ultimate flexibility with your itinerary. Why stick to a rigid coach or package holiday regime when you can make your own destinations up? By incorporating some of the design systems from Worksystem, you can ensure your vehicle is fully equipped for any eventuality. At a fraction of the cost of organised vacations and tours, there is something for everyone on a touring holiday. Check out some likely destinations, equip your vehicle and set off into the horizon!