Are Snus a Direct Blessing for the Global Tourism Industry

Many people have lauded the use of snus for its role in fighting tobacco addiction, but few stop to take a look at how it has benefited tourism worldwide.

One, when you buy tobacco-free snus, you almost always eliminate the need to smoke. Doing this makes forested tourist sites around the world sigh with relief. You directly reduce the risk of forest fires that threaten entire ecosystems.

Secondly, when you buy snus you avoid the need to spit that comes with other forms of tobacco use. This makes the atmosphere in the tourist sites that you visit more welcoming. It might seem like a small gesture when done by one person, but imagine being in a park where everyone keeps spitting!

A Relief for People Touring with Children

Many people consider the exposure they are giving their children when they plan tours. Smoking is one of the vices that many try to avoid teaching their children on the go. By using snus, you do not inconvenience such parents since it is a non-interactive form of indulgence.